Wanna know how i maintain Kidoti Beauty?
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A lot of people wonder how I manage to maintain an acne free face. It's quite simple as we know the face is a very sensitive part of the body. Treat it gently by doing the following subtle things that have a profound impact.


  1. Instead of the overly commercialized facial regimes. Simply try a medicated soap and lukewarm water to clean your face. Soap could be either dettol or protex. This helps kill bacteria that is prone to acne breeding.
  2. After cleansing your face, it's smart to tone. Toning reinforces the effects of the medicated soaps on the skin. It gently exfoliates the dead skin cells making way for the natural brightness of the skin.
  3. Toning is followed by moisturizing. I could never reinstate the importance of giving your skin moisture, elasticity. It perfects your skin texture and gives you a youthful look.
  4. When washing your face use both lukewarm and cold water. Lukewarm to open the pores for the medication to sink in and cold water to close the pores to retain moisture and elasticity.
  5. Avoid excessive sun exposure. I know not everyone has a car but hey that's why we have hats, caps that are fashionable too. Use them to protect your skin
  6. Live a stress-free life by being positive about every situation you face. Hormonal changes caused by stress can easily give you facial skin problems. Read a book, dance life is good.
  7. Break a sweat. If you don't exercise which I don't entertain at least steam your face to open up pores and cleanse. It does miracles plus you will definitely feel fresh after.
  8. Get enough sleep. This could never be emphasized enough. The power of sleep helps you relax and appear more youthful. Try it and thank me after :)
  9. Avoid using the same pillow to sleep with for more than 3 days. Pillows collect dirt from your oily hair. Imagine that amount of dirt accumulating on your face. Not sexy!!
  10. Drink lots of water. If you are not a fan of water. Try mixing a jug of water with a bit of lemon juice to give it taste while at the same time the lemon juice contents helps cleanse your skin. Will give the importance of lemon juice some other day.