About Kidoti

Kidoti Company is a  limited Company founded in Tanzania, East Africa that deals with the designing and manufacturing of various lifestyle items to suit primarily the African market, 90 percent of its items go the brand name “Kidoti”

Our main objective is to provide products of high quality but at affordable price points that match up to the needs of our growing market. We have a saying that goes why beak the bank trying to look fabulous and glamorous. You can achieve both at Kidoti i.e look fab at amazing prices!

Our mission is to constantly align the best team from the process of design to manufacturing to provide the most competitive products in the market. We believe in setting trends by having products that are well presented from packing to its imaging.

Our vision is to be the leading lifestyle and beauty /fashion brand in the market starting with East Africa, Africa and the Globe. Our customers find glory in being donned in Kidoti from head to toe, every day, every second.